Sunday, February 11, 2018

Hello again!

Dusting off my blog - just in-time for 2018 Chinese New Year :P

I can't believe 4 years has passed, just like that. I didn't stop writing even though I abandoned this blog for quite a while. Haha. I was single when I last post here, and I'm now happily married with kid. Typing "married with kid" makes me feel so auntie! But I think that is a fact XD

If it's not already obvious... I'm back here because my other platform, Dayre, has decided to shutdown. Haha. Guess that's what happen when you move to a non-mainstream channel - the risk of discontinuity is much higher.

I have to admit that I missed blogspot more than once in my 4 years outside. I missed how I can just type random stuff without 500 char limitation. I missed how I can post whatever pics I have without having to make it square. I missed how easy it is to search and reminisce on good old post.

Yet, despite all those, I stayed on the new platform. Because the new platform has its own merit. The most obvious one is the posting on the go. It was quite effortless to put up a post within 2 mins. And I can't remember how I blogged without emoji before. How do I express myself? And where are my stickers? Haha.

My posting style has changed over the past few years. From a proper thematic weekly post to a daily random post. I think I like my previous style better, but how do I get the time to do a proper post again? I don't even have Photoshop anymore, which used to be my bread and butter.

Ok, I digressed. I just wanted to say that I'm back. And this is a test post to check if blogger has improved when I'm away. So far everything looks familiar, which means google doesn't invest much to change blogger for the past few years. haha. It's ok blog, I love you anyway. So much of blind love that I don't even bother checking up wordpress despite it having better features.

I'm looking at way to back up my Dayre post to blogger. And... Till the next time!