Friday, October 29, 2010

The Black Evaluation Day

I would like to capture my emotions.. well.. while I’m really on the peak of it.. :)

It was 9 PM, Friday night. It’s the last day of October, where we have a milestone to meet & documents to be delivered. So I stayed in the office & tried to finish my work before leaving for the day. Anyway my boyfriend is as well working and I don’t have other plan for the day.

Remember how I mentioned last few weeks that my boss has been kept asking me to go home early? Well, he lost his patience towards me today & this incident happened.

In front of my other team members, he shouted at me. “What are you doing in the office!? I have told you so many times. You leave now or I’m reducing your grade by 2!” (What a coincidence that day was assessment day & he seems to be really serious)

Being a normal human being, I defended myself and told him that today is the deadline for an important milestone in our project & we need to get it ready before Monday. He disagreed with my approached of staying late and doing the administrative work of sending files to TCS. He said I should have left it with my team members in Germany since it’s anyway only 3PM for them & it’s already 9PM for us. He explained how I should learn on getting help from other team members rather than taking everything to myself. He accused of how I’m working hard but not smart.

The worse part? After his 5 minutes speech, I didn’t know what to do… so I promised that I will leave in another 15 minutes after finishing the work I’m doing half way. He isn’t that easily satisfied.

He called up my team member in Germany to take up my work!! He even linked me in to the call when he got agreement from the other team member to finish what I’m doing.

I’m so embarrassed that I almost cried on the spot. I don’t understand where I have done so wrong, that he decided to do this to me. I stayed late but I come to office on time in the morning. I hardly took taxi so I don’t think the problem is with the claim. I completed my work & I don’t believe if there is any escalation saying that I’m sleeping on my work. So what was the reason that he decided to embarrass me in public, and taking my performance evaluation grades to threaten me?

I lost my peace to do my work after the incident, and decided to call it a day. I went back & unfortunately, can’t stop the tears on my way home.

I always know that this incident will hit me, sooner or latter. I got so many reminders but thought that those are trivial. I’m just one big stubborn employee after all. And I appraised my boss for his well-done approach in giving me a lesson.

There goes one black Friday.


cd said...

cheer up girl...

though I don't agree with ur boss way to saying it...but most prob he don't want u to be too workaholic & have more work-social life balance...

go get ice cream this weekend & have a relaxing movie marathon ;)

Lobotomypop said...

It's all gonna be okay, I mean, you need to think of the bright side, at least he didn't fire you.

Erlin said...

Thanks Cit :)

Yes I agree... I think he meant well... ;) Just have to think positively.. now I got dmore chance of having dinner together at 7pm! haha..