Sunday, November 28, 2010

2010 Holiday Mood: ON

December has such a magic spell. Doesn’t matter if I don’t celebrate Christmas, but this month gives me the weekend feeling everyday. Amazing isn’t it. Topped up with the dazzling decorations, mind blowing sales, and code-freeze period in office, I don’t see any reason not to celebrate :)

This week comes and goes in god speed. Now is already 6 pm of this sunny Sunday when I noticed that I haven't written anything for the week. Well, my week in office is normal. I just remember a lot of numbers and horrible reconciliations. All thanks to year end T_T Amidst all these fuss and mess around financial, my boss suddenly decided to cancel his trip to Abu Dhabi. I was wondering if it’s because of me (e.g. being too dependent on him and can’t do anything without his guidance), and was really thankful that it wasn’t the case. He needs to take care of his kids as his wife won’t be around. Family is his highest priority after all. I wish I can be someone like that one day :) To forgo 2 weeks of company-covered trip to an exotic place like that… I think I will be in bad mood for at least 2 days. But he just took it like nothing happened.

On Friday, I bought something that I have been longing for years. Macbook Pro! And oh the process was so not cool :( I filled in my particular and clicked “Buy”… then it went to processing screen for one second… and then the browser went off!!! I didn’t even have a chance to see the word ‘successful’ or ‘thank you’. Just when I was about to give another try, I received an email saying that I have purchased the laptop. Huh. The perfectionism in me was screaming for a repeat. But it was 2am in the morning on the black Friday day… I decided to conclude and go to dreamland.

On Saturday, I slept until.. 11 am. Then did my monthly house chores, had a quick lunch, and went for badminton session at Jurong West at 3pm. After the badminton, I came back, showered, and went for a date at Bugis. I had my sinful KFC for dinner T_T now feel guilty about it… but no regret! Haha… We watched Social Network before going to sleep… The movie was all words, but surprisingly good enough to keep me engaged at 1am in the morning.

On Sunday, I did my part time job as mover at Bukit Gombak :p Inche and the gank are moving… one to Boon Lay, another one to Bishan. They did a good job in finding rooms. Th new place looks great. I had fun doing the move… and decided to take some pictures for memory. The guys were screaming like mad when I took their picture in the back of the lorry. Hahaha!

Bunch of NTU grads doing their part time job :p (Now I will get killed)

After the move, we had lunch at the food court nearby, then come back home. It was a long journey from Bishan to Queenstown :( I hope we can still meet up frequently despite the distance…

Once home, the sleepiness wave hit me quite bad. I decided to take a shower and phoned home. Guess what, I got my spirit back! :D I then continue playing some games, browse some websites, send some mail… and get ready for some dinner :p

3 more days to Medan! :)


qizhi said...

*like* photo :P

coincidence... word verification: "lenseffe" also have something to do with photo :)

bluesky said...

hahaha.. it has been very long tat i nvr go to anyone blog... and juz happen today i typed in ur blog...they will kill u for this pic..send me all d pics when u r back.Have fun