Sunday, November 07, 2010

Food, food, and food!

Noo! Long weekend is coming to an end!!

I have myself to blame T_T I went to office on Saturday, breaking the long-weekend spirit v_v I didn’t regret it though… By a glance on my Monday’s meeting calendar, I know I won’t have time to do anything… Still, mbosses don’t like it if I go to office on Saturday and be so kiasu, so I did my stuff and saved everything as draft rather then sending it out straight away (since when working has become such a taboo stuff?) Everything went fine, until when I finished drafting the last email and hit…. “Send” instead of “Draft”. Oh my!! T_T I’m bad in hiding stuff these days.

I stayed in office for around 5 hours, then went home and got ready for dinner. Saturday’s Agenda is dinner with Rin2 and Ryoma =D It’s funny how we stayed so close but never have dinner together before. We went to Holland Village & picked “Everything with fries” for dinner. Being a sister company, it does have the same ambiance with “Awfully Chocolate”. The food is quite good… but the place was way too noisy! We can hardly talk to each other without screaming. I ate the Chicken Cutlet sandwich, and each of us picked a different type of fries. I love the garlic & curry the best :D

Rin2’s Lamb Chop & Nyummy Curry Fries

After the dinner, we went back to their place and I learnt to play bridge. It was an awesome game! How come I miss it all these years? Helios, being the expert, can’t stop deducting and making plan. On the contrary, I, being the noob, can’t stop wanting to finish my card and move on to the next game… My cards were all bad and I lost 3 out of 3 plays v_v Will try my luck again next time!

Back to home, I received an email from the owner of Strathmore. Well, I sent an email to her earlier to inform about the air-con cleaning, she then replied with a thank you and ask how we are doing. We said we settled down & like the place quite a lot. Winson said I shouldn’t have said that T_T she will now increase the rent. Haha! Let’s see :P But I did enjoy staying in the current place… :D

The next morning, despite my aching arm & leg from previous badminton session, I still went for swimming. It was a nice swim after almost 2 months of pause. After the swim, we went to Tiong Bahru Food Center for lunch. I was astonished by the variety of food there. Another heaven after my 6 years in Singapore.

I went for the Hui Ji Yong Tau Fu, which was graded as the best noodle by ieat :p Helios went for Shark Lor Me, which was super nyummy as well. On top of that, we tried the Ghim Moh Chwee Kueh. Nyummyy =D Those are calories worth spent! Thanks Helios for being our tour guide! :D Will definitely come back again for the food!

Back to home, the lunch effect started to kick in and I felt sleepy… I was almost asleep an hour ago, when I received my phone bill for this month…

Singtel Bill for Nov 2010

It went to a freaking SGD 262.28!!

It knocked off my earlier record of SGD120 when I back from Taiwan. Sigh. Blame it to my boss! He called me for an hour when I was in India T_T Now I will get this reimburse no matter what happen!
Enjoying the typical Sunday,


cd said...

oh my... $262 *_@"

my long weekend also full of food..sushi tei, ikea, nando's, din tai fung, crystal jade...hahhaah...cuisine from all around d world ;p

but... no ice cream :p
save it until we meet again...

Erlin said...

yaaa... 262... i'm broke.. hix hix v_v

WOW! That's really a lot of delicious food you had this weekend!! You covered everything, except maybe indian food! hehe :p

cd said...

errr...can considered teh halia as indian cuisine...?!