Saturday, November 06, 2010

Happy Deepavali!

Happy Deepavali for those who celebrated it... and happy holiday for everyone! :) This long weekend came as quite a surprise for me. With additional one more holiday on 17th, Nov is becoming my favorite month!

After the office’s incident last week, I think & think on how to fulfill my boss's order & not neglecting my work at the same time. So I decided to try this: Go to office early. From Monday to Thursday, every morning, I fought to wake up and go to office by 8.30 AM. I’m quite amazed that the thing actually works for me. Office was so quite that I can concentrate better. No phone call as the rest of the world is still asleep. No queue on the coffee machine. And by the time people starts coming in, you got your day planned out.

I manage to leave before 8 PM on Monday and Tuesday, but there was calls up to 10pm on Wed and Thurs, so I stayed in the office anyway. I have no energy at all when the clock hit 9pm and I literally just brushed through the calls. I never felt as tired as this week... guess there is still some tweaking to be done (Sigh). Why does my boss like to make things more challenging for me v_v

Anyway! Friday morning, I had my first badminton session in CCK. Despite all my limitation in serving and forehand, I enjoyed the game a lot :D Thanks to all of my shifus around! I can hardly type now as my hands are all numb T_T My weekly Yoga session did contribute to this, too.

I have just watched 3 Glee episodes continuously and started to get impatience. It’s 9th episodes and the two pregnancy lies are still lingering around. Argh! In the end I decided to ask auntie Wiki for the complete story line... and she told me everything I need to know, for Glee season 1. Now I can go to sleep peacefully :p

Heat wave is coming again!

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