Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Pleasant Mid-Week Break

Yesterday, one of my colleagues just came and burst his frustration to me. “I can’t stand working with him! Yesterday, boss was asking us to do the report today. Then he acted smart doing OT and finished it yesterday. Today the boss is asking questions about the report and I totally have no idea what the hell he has done… such a pain”

Of course, this is just one among hundreds of complain I have ever heard… but this specific one somehow knocked me quite hard. I have been working with 6 teams so far and I guess I have been the same painful person for all of them. I didn’t do it for the credit, I just want to help my team members... as my own way to thank them for their guidance so far. However, it turns out that it I don't really feel appreciated... even by the bosses around... and now I understand why.

Moral of the story? I don’t know... maybe do not scarify your life for something you’re not asked for… People might not appreciate that… or even worse, they might hate you because of that T_T I just realized how lousy I'm in this kind of relationship. Is this what we called office politic?

Ok, reflection aside, I had good time on this Wednesday off. On holiday eve, we celebrated Inche’s birthday at Bali Thai, West Mall. The dinner was at 7.30, but I arrived at 9.30pm... T_T I had a super bad luck with cab at that time. 4 people took over my potential cab. 4 CAB! And then I called 4 cab companies… all of them attended to me, give me 10 mins of music, then cut me off saying there is no cab around the area. !@#$@$. 4 CAB COMPANIES! Why cabs are such rare stuff? Maybe I should try the cab business also. Oh wait, I can’t drive.

Anyway, It was really sweet of them to order some fried rice for me. I was hungry and hence didn’t get a chance to take a pic of it, but it was nice :) After the dinner, we celebrated Inche’s B’day, and then went to McD for dessert and played Bang! Card game. It was a really fun game… It’s kind of similar to the police & thief card game that I knew off, but this has so much variation that you can really make your own sheriff story for each game. Our first and only game went on for 2 hours, and the story ended with Sheriff about to raise white flag, where suddenly the dynamite exploded and killed the Renegade. Good show, Fendi!

Happy Birthday, Che!

My Bang! Player Card

I didn’t manage to catch the last MRT, so Rina and I shared a taxi. Back home, I wasn't sleepy, so I continued watching “Just My Luck” (which was cut in the middle last week due to one and half hour black out). I slept at around 2.30 after the movie. Oh... if only luck can change that easily...

Wednesday, I woke up at 9.30 am, rolled until around 10 am, then got some breakfast before went out for lunch (note: the time difference between the meal was really slim) I met up with Tine, and then we went to Coffee Club for lunch. I never know the place served such a good lunch! I’m definitely coming back next time :) After the lunch, we went to watch Megamind :) Nice movie! And prior to that, there is a trailer to a Thai movie, which is so funny that I think I have to watch it! The movie title is “Hello Stranger”, shot in Korea. For those interested, you can watch the trailer from youtube :) It’s from the same producer as “Bangkok Traffic Love Story”, which trailer was awesome as well. Thai has such a brilliant taste in ads and movies. They played people emotion really well. Thumbs up!

Yongky’s Baby Pork Ribs. Must.Have.It.Next.Time

First Shrek, then Megamind. I wonder why dreamworks animation like to put ugly character as hero :p

We went to Kinokuniya @ Taka after the movie. Initially intended to get some book, but the queue was so long that we decided to come back other day. All because of the 3-days 20% off event. Sigh.

At night, I watched “21”, which is a movie about blackjack. I watched it half, then realized that it’s a 2 hours long movie! Decided to cut in to two part :)

11.30 PM now, time to sleep and embracing my Mon.. wait.. it’s Thursday tmrw!

PS: Penny from Big Bang Theory disappears on two episodes due to horsing incidents! Finally the mystery unveiled.

Happy Hari Raya Haji :)

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