Saturday, November 20, 2010

Travel Back in Time

It’s funny how Facebook makes you aware of your age.

Couple of year’s back, all I saw in my friends’ pic is gatherings, school, and fun. Nowadays, all I see is office, holiday, and pre-wed pictures. Couples more years down the road; I will see baby pictures filling my facebook page.

All these make me feel that time travels too fast and I want to stop it! I felt nostalgic all in sudden, and decided to dig out some proves that I was teenager once.

I look at the pictures I took in high school, the website and yearbook I designed…
I look at the millions picture I took during undergrad, the poster, the banner, the screenshot, the for-fun photo editing…

Class website, donkey's years ago

for-fun photo editing... during Death Note Fever

keeping screenshot of everything! This was taken during my 2006 B'day I guess.

And then I realized…

It was a big mistake to look back T_T I’m just confirming that I’m old. I don’t have the energy, passion, and appreciation like what I used to have. I wasn’t as narcissist as what I used to be…

And what have I gotten in return? I don’t know… But I know that I would never be able to return to the past anyway… so I’m glad that I digitalized enough stuff to be reminisced once in a while :p

And for those of you who is on your high school / undergrad now, enjoy the best time of your life :) Like what people always said, you will only be 21 once (quote from movie: 21)

Back to present: Yay! It's time for dinner! :D

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