Thursday, December 23, 2010

2 Days to Christmas

I went to Sakuraya, Anchor point for a fulfilling lunch; and pizzahut, Sakuraya, for a splendid Cheesy7 pizza for dinner. I have no right to ask why my weight just kept going up T_T I feel ‘slightly’ guilty when I back from the dinner, knowing that I will have another big buffet coming this Saturday. But well, it’s Christmas! Time to rejoice! :p

Anyway, rejoice was all I did for the rest of the week in office :p

17 – 23 Dec

I think I can summarize this week in office into one short paragraph. Time for long lunch, catching up, and having some fun in office =) Boss, Big Boss, and Big Big Boss are on leave, and even my colleagues have all disappeared in the week of 20 Dec. Trust me, this is the best season not to take leave. You are having holiday in the office anyway :)

Of course, there were still some calls to be attended, as apparently none of my Germany colleagues are taking leaves. The work for the week is more on preparing some year-end report, cleaning up some documents, and planning for 2011. All these are completed faster since there was no phone which kept ringing every 5 minutes or so.

And surprisingly, I wake up early everyday and reached office at around 8.15 AM =.=’ That’s how people are, I guess. Like when I was a kid, it was very tough for me to wake up for school; but when weekend came; I could wake up as early as 6AM to catch some animes. I spent peaceful time in office and left before 7pm. One of those rare moments where I can actually see some sunlight when I left!

My big boss was actually returned to office on Tuesday (despite him being on leave until next monday) and he called me up to his office. I was already having a bad mood that he is going to give me some work... but then... he presented some gift instead! A Tea Towel from Australia. Thank you so much :D And I am one of the first people to choose from bunch of designs. Yay~

I guess I enjoyed the time to the max… and I’m much more recharged for a new battle in 2011. Thanks for those who actually start the trend of taking leaves on Christmas :p

On Saturday, I went to Bugis for a meet up with Citra and Ari :) We had lunch at Soup Spoon, dessert at Shaw Tower, then walked to Funan to get some cloths for my macbook pro (read: protector)

Cit and I @ Funan

And oh! I went to Singtel on Sunday and complained about my iPhone’s home button being not so responsive.. Guess what, they did an one-to-one exchange for me!! Right on the spot. I was totally stunned. It was 11 months 5 days on my warranty and they gave me a new phone! And they give me additional 3 months warranty for that :) Thanks Singtel for the Christmas Gift.

After that, Winson and I went to watch Rapunzel at Cineplex… It was amazing how Disney have improvised from the original version of the story. I love the movie a lot. Handsome prince and lovely princess~ Thanks Winson for the movie treat :) It was a weekend nicely spent!

Love the movie~

To be continued,

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