Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4 Days to Christmas

I intended to cover more story in my previous post… unfortunately I was addicted reading online manga “My Barbaric Girlfriend” and the time was 1 AM when I finished it T_T

So here come the 3 most critical days of the year for my project (and the 3 worst days of the month for me :p)

9 – 11 Dec

After the one-week break, I went to office at 8AM on Thursday and tried to clear my 300+ mails. I met some people in the pantry and they were all asking why was I coming back where the battlefield was so hot. Yes, it was 3 days before going live, where all the actions and escalations were at the max level. Even before I could skim through all the mails, the migration team lead already asked me for a meeting and dictated all the calls I have to chair and minute for the next 3 days. Still lost in the sea of information, my bosses came and start to tell me what are all the financial deadlines we have for the next 3 days.

At that time, I wish I could split myself like the flu viruses that were happily living inside me. I tried to explain the conflict of priorities I have, but they insisted both are equally important. Oh well. For those 3 days, I pronounced the office as my first home. Calls, meetings, reports, escalation, follow up… I couldn't tell the difference between lunch and dinner anymore. Everything went so fast… until the H date.

Friday Team Lunch @ Hosted. The only time I had food other than Pizza for that week

Sat, 11 Dec. I could hardly sleep the night before. It seemed like even my boss had had enough of it. There were 3 meetings to be chaired that day, and he requested me to handle all. I was already not in a very good mood, for the 8 AM meeting has been changed to 11 AM and he didn’t tell me a single thing about it. I slept at 2 AM the day before, OK. Would have really appreciated it if he can at least tell me that the meeting got rescheduled based on the 3AM call :(

Anyway, the rest of the day went fine…. After the 2PM call, it was confirmed that we went live successfully :D

Bottles of champagne were popped in Abu Dhabi and Singapore. It was a joyful moment where everyone was cheering like never before, despite deprived from sleep for the last few weeks. I’m impressed with their spirits. Suddenly, I felt embarrassed of being so calculative for all the additional work… where the rest have been giving their best without being grumpy at all. Well… can I blame this one to the woman’s emotion-dominated nature? :p

The Champagne, the celebration

The meeting room, the home of many for many weeks

I went off from office at around 6PM and then went to the west for early Christmas celebration with friends :) Oh how I missed them… I had the yummiest black pepper KFC, then followed by card games along with some snacks and log cake :)

The Black Pepper KFC, my own way of celebration :)

The gathering @ Teck Whye

That wasn’t my typical disturb-less gathering. I got so many calls and have to snatch Tomy’s laptop to login to office so many times. But I’m still glad that I didn’t miss it totally. To be honest, I normally felt very restless if I have to receive office call when I am not in the office. That time around, I continued playing card the minute I end the call. Maybe I have improved my ignorance strength.

Alright, the go-live mark the end of all the climax... and things were getting (slightly) better afterwards :)

To be continued,

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