Sunday, January 15, 2012

Birthdays Party cum Reunion Dinner at Swensen’s, Plaza Singapura

We decided to have one last reunion in the year of rabbit before we all go back to hometown for CNY; as well as to celebrate our friends who were born in the month of Jan, since it’s probably the last gathering until the next month.

Being a "dedicated" organizer, I went to Swensen’s at Plaza Singapura 30 minutes in advance, to queue and ensure that we got a seat at 6pm. Turned out that I overestimated their popularity. The place was almost empty when I reached, and they are able to arrange 20 seats easily within 3 minutes. Rather than waiting inside the restaurant, I decided to walk around and killed some time until 6pm.

The manager at Swensen’s didn’t look happy at all when I told her that we would start the dinner at 7pm once we’re done with birthday’s celebration. Yet, behind her iron face, she and her staffs were really providing us a superb service through the night (or at least that’s how I felt). She personally come and asked me how many candles I want for the cake. Her staff also offered to cut the cake for us. The dinner was served quite promptly, they topped up our water regularly, and quite speedy with delivery of our random request like tissue, spoon, chili flakes, etc.

Black Forest Ice Cream Cake!
The stars of the month - posing for cake cutting
The stars of the month - trying to figure out how to cut the ice-stoned cake! Lol!
Family Pic! :) missing Stefen, Fidel, Handy, who come later
We dine until around 8.30pm, had our fortune cookies and ice cream cake as dessert, and then walked out from Swensen’s. I wasn’t feeling really fit so I decided to go back early. Some of them stayed at PS, most probably catching some movie.

I love the CNY decoration at PS!
I had fun for the night… which I have to pay out the next day with the return of my cough. Duh! People said illness comes in by mouth. I couldn’t agree more v_v

Happy Birthday to Ivana, Fidelia, Winson, and Agung!

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