Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I got my new Electronic IC!

Got my new IC today! Well, the whole experience is surprisingly really hassle free for me.

Front - Look exactly the same with the previous card except the blurry pic
Back - Look the same as well, except maybe the hologram?
When I went to collect the card, the guy just put the card on a reader and he can access all the information about me in the computer. Something like ez-link card I guess! No swiping required.

There has been a warning in every photocopy shop asking people NOT to laminate the card as it will tamper the electronic chip inside ^^; (on very unrelated note, just wondering if ez-link card will work if laminated)

Admiring the card,


Cindi said...

Hi Erlin, chanced about your posting when googling on renouncing Indo citizenship. Pengen tanya kalau sebelom lepas citizenship masih bisa dapet KTP ya? Bagaimana caranya? Saya juga lagi may ambil Spore citizenship...

Erlin Diana said...

Hi Cindi, kl u masi blm renounce citizenship, masi bisa dapat KTP indo kok. tapi setelah itu harus di balikin wkt renounce, jadi sama aja. haha..

Untuk dpt KTP indo, cuman tinggal apply di lurah terdekat.