Friday, January 25, 2013

2010 Alexandra's Gank Reunion Lunch @ Garuda, Vivocity

After rescheduling for zillion times, we finally managed to meet up for a lunch. Thanks Glen for all the coordination effort!! 85% attendance is a very significant number :p

I went to Alexandra Office to meet up with the rest. It felt nostalgic the moment I stepped to the office. It reminds me of the time when I was an Analyst. The late night calls, the weekend work, the dinner at Makan Mumbai, the drinks at Smoochies... Gosh, how time passed. We're letting go the Alexandra Office in few months time. There are so few people in the building now and I'm not familiar with any. Well, it might be the last time I stepped to the office. I got 5 mins to reminisce the old time and then we set off to Vivo for lunch.

There were some healthy debate of where we should go for lunch. We narrowed down the search to between Carnivore and Garuda, and finally settled for Garuda. Well, it's a feast for me. I love Garuda food, and having more people meaning having more dishes to pick from :D They made a mistake in making me choose the dishes. We ended up with too many dishes for 6 people T_T I ate 3 bowls of rice and at least 2 portion of each dishes. Blame it to the loose jeans I was wearing.

The Gank! I miss those old days :)
I have a very good time catching up. We talked from work to property to diving to cruising to food. I love listening to their experiences, which normally ended with a meaningful advice. One of the VP kept asking Glen and myself not to afraid to try something new. Or even go somewhere far or small. There are more opportunity there with less competition. Well, let see how it plays out this year.

I almost break my own lunch time record - went at 11.30am and back to office at 2.30pm ^^; lucky that I did most of my handover the day before, so I was still able to finish my stuff on time. I stayed in office until around 7.30pm, then went to Body Combat and ended my day with Soup Spoon for dinner.

Sister is coming tmrw! I can't wait :) Yes, I guess I'm ready for holiday!