Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gathering Week!

Had a few gathering this week, but I didn’t even remember to take group pics!! Shame on me! Either I was too hungry or I’m getting old. None is good excuse.

Wed Lunch @ Beppu Menkan, Tiong Bahru with Wei Ming, Joyce, Kah Onn, Eleanor – decided that we wanted to go somewhere far for mid-week lunch! :p

Chicken Katsu - Level of Spiciness - 4 / 5. Finished it without stomachache :p
Thurs Lunch @ Soup Spoon, Vivocity with Masli, Helios, Sylvia – has been so long since the last lunch! Member reduced but I wish to have more often lunch with them :D Can’t wait to try out the Tiong Bahru Bakery recommended.

My Third Soup Spoon of the week ^^; Had Tokyo Stew for a change.
Friday Lunch @ Fat Boy’s, Pasir Panjang with Alan (+ meet up with Masli, Helios, and Sylvia again! Wish comes true :p) Has a very nice catch up after such a long time. Didn’t know that he is going to New Zealand soon for PhD! I wish him all the best :D

This is a super worthy meal @ 12.5 NETT for set lunch! Plus the place is so cozy! 
Sunday Dinner @ Paradise Inn with Feli – Nice meet up over a nice dinner :D She pampered me as usual with her creation. This time is a durian cake! O.O

First time eating a Pork Bun! Really soft and oily and delicious :)
A big brick of thick durian cake. Can't get any more durian-cy than this.
Mental note: remember to take group picture before a meal going forward.
Mental note2: with this kind of daily food intake, don't even question why I never slim down

Happily eating,

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