Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jog to Demsey Hill (Bonus: Thunderstorm Rain) + Salted Egg Crab Dinner

Helios asked last week if any of us wanted to go jogging on weekend. I haven't been running outdoor since my Marathon on Dec. It has been more than a month and I think it's a good time to start again, so I said yes. Tomy said he is joining as well.

On the day itself, I was getting lazy and secretly wishing that it would rain so that the jog will be postponed XD. Yet, the weather was all sunny with clear sky on the planned time. And both Helios and Tomy reached on time. I got no excuse. I have to run.

We started running from my house, and continued all the way to Demsey and Redhill. I might be the one staying around this area, but Helios is the one knowing all the paths ^^; I started to go into the running mood after few minutes. The sun wasn't as hot anymore and the wind started to blow.

Demsey Hill! Didn't know it's so near from my place!
After 15 mins, we reached Demsey Hill. The sky was suddenly cloudy and it's started to drizzle. We were running around the trees, so it sheltered us from the full impact. We continued to run.

Within a few seconds, the sky turned really dark O.O
After 30 mins, well, the rain went full blast, and three of us were running trying to find a shelter. We ended up at Aft. Margaret Dr. Bus Stop - 2 bus stop away from my house.

Heavy Thunderstorm Rain T_T
We waited there few mins, weighing our option. We wanted to take a bus, but some of us didn't bring ezlink. We tried to flag for taxi but none stopped for us. We tried calling taxi but none assigned to us. After 10 mins, we accepted that we're stranded, and just sit and wait for the rain to stop.

The end point was so near!!
We waited for 30 mins, and the rain was going on and off. We decided that we waited long enough, and decided to run through the rain. Oh, it's Sundown's experience all over again. My lens were blurred, my shoes were soaking wet, and I can hardly see anything in front. We reached home after running for 10 mins. The rain stopped right after we reached. !@#@.

Anyway, at least we were back. All of us showered and then went for nice dinner at Koufu, Dawson. I finally got people to share the crabs with me! :D I quite like the salted egg crabs, think totally worth it for $24.
Dawson Place's Koufu - Salted Egg Crabs, 2 for $24!
We finished dinner at around 10pm, and then Helios and Tomy took MRT home while I walked back home and sleep :p What an experience! I hope next run will be sunnier! I have to be careful with what I wish for.

Till the next one! :)


cd said...

why never invite me :p

Erlin Diana said...

it's too far for Cit!! Haha... If I go to east, I will drag you along for sure! :D