Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ladies Lunch @ BBQ Chicken, ARC

According to my schedule, Thurs is the day when I supposed to clock 10KM in gym. The toughest day of the week.

Instead of doing so, today I rolled on my bed until 8.30am, ignoring whatever alarm or messages I received in my mobile. I simply couldn't wake up after the previous day OT and sleeping at 2am ^^;

I felt quite bad for skipping my exercise. Yet, instead of repenting about it, I kind of going the other extremes and ate even more than usual ^^; Oh well, so much about perseverance. I wasn't planning to eat much, but it just happened to be Lay Mui's last week in MBC, and she is asking for a lunch, and... I can't say no right

We went to BBQ Chicken - one of the best option for halal food. Quite lucky that we managed to get seat for 8 of us :D I was so engrossed with the companion and totally forgot to take group pic. AGAIN T_T Luckily, I realized it once I stepped out from the restaurant. We ended up taking the group pic at the mall. Well, I love it since it actually has better lighting :D

50% of the ladies in office
Out of guiltiness, I picked Sambal Fish instead of fried chicken - $17.5 - It taste OK
Wish Lay Mui all the best in ORQ! Well, for one, I know she is loving the location (1.7km from her house O.O) and she has like 3 Fitness First to choose from. New Year gift comes early :p

... and in the evening, I had Sukiyaki - $22. I know I'm so not gonna forgive myself.
Will miss my tall pretty colleague,

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