Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday's Snack - Magnum Temptation

Felt a bit blue on Monday and decided to settle an overdue bet prize with my colleague - I challenged him to eat a spoonful of chili few months ago which he accepted (ended up with MC the next day).

We went to 7 Eleven and realized that there is a new Magnum! Out of curiosity, we went ahead and try the new Magnum, despite it being smaller in size and more expensive ($9.9 for 2).

Magnum Temptation - Fruit :D

I had the Magnum Temptation - Fruit, which was quite fresh and light. It has a lot of berry chunks inside. My colleague had the hazelnut's and said that the whole ice cream was filled with nuts.

I guess, overall, we're happy with the ice cream :D But I'm not really a fan of ice cream and don't think I will just buy it for consumption.... prefer Pringles more than it anytime.

So, Magnum, till my next bet!

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