Saturday, January 26, 2013

Natto Love!

I almost forgot how much I love natto until he bought me some from Japan. My eyes lit up when I saw the 6 nicely packed natto in front of me. I was ready to eat it on the spot, but decided to keep in the fridge for a night to make it tasted even better.

I don't know what is written, but it tastes delicious!
And another brand!
The next day, I brought it all the way to food court, ordered one bowl of white rice, and started mixing. The first spoon was indescribable. I remember back why I love it so much. My sweet smooth sticky beans. I can have you for breakfast forever!

Nicely packed with Custard and Light Soya Sauce

My sister and her family were looking at me like I have gone mad ^^; They ordered lots of other things – Sarawak Kolo Mee, Ng Ah Sio Bakkut Teh, A1 Porridge – but I looked extremely happy with my one bowl of rice.

Best bowl of rice 
Happily eating ^^;
After finished the whole 6 packs in a week, I got addicted and found myself kept trying to find some in Singapore. My search ended at J-Mart, Star Vista – they have like 5 – 6 types of natto! I picked 3x3 - enough for my addiction until CNY :p

Found some at J-Mart, Star Vista!! YAY!! - $2.4 - $3.2
Watashiwa Natto Gasuki :D

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Jessie said...

Hi, do you have a good brand to recommend or are they all the same? Thanks!