Monday, January 14, 2013

The Dream - Life of a Spy

Yesterday was one of the days when I got a box-office drea.

Setting was around office & luxurious life.

I was in a big multinational corporation. In fact, I was the right hand of the president. The president trusted me so much and treated me much like his daughter (and handsome, too). He always shows full supports of my judgements and give me all the benefits I asked for - housing, maid, car, swimming pool, etc. I had a nice work life balance.

The twist started to come in when few people paid me a visit (wearing black like those Yakuza) and told me things which I couldn't accept: I am apparently a spy.

I was planted in the company few years ago to kill the president. The group of people helped from the sideline to ensure that I become the right hand of the president. They erased my memory so that I looked sincere and won't raise any suspicion from the president. Now that I'm the trusted right hand, they gave back my memory, as well as the order to kill the president.

Oh well, even after I gained back my memory, it was really hard to kill the president. I couldn't convince myself to hurt someone who has put all his trust on me. Finally I agreed to help the other spies filtered into the president's house, but not doing the murder.

On the day itself, I went to the president's house early and asked him to leave the place before the killers arrived. He was really confused but decided to trust me. Afterwards, I setup a trap and waited for the killer to come. As soon as they opened the door, a big wave of water came out (like Tsunami) and washed away the killers.

Afterwards, I continued to live a happy life as a trusted right hand :D

... waken up by Alarm at 6am subsequently. Ok, at least the story stopped at the right place. Even though deep inside, I know that the spy organization still exist and they will find me sooner or later...

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