Saturday, January 12, 2013

Trekking at Kent Ridge Park with Eriko & Lunch with Anna

Rather than the usual catch-up over a meal, Eriko and I decided to catch up over trekking! :D It’s her last free weekend before the Semester 2 of Financial Engineering kicked-in… so well, I’m glad that the weather was pretty supportive in the morning :D

I was excited to start our journey from Haw Par Villa. It’s my first time there and I wanted to take some pics. Alas, the place was closed, despite the timetable mentioning that it should be open. I took some pics anyway and continued with our initial plan to Kent Ridge Park.

Haw Par Villa!
The closed Entrance. Sad that it looks abandoned :(
We started walking from the MRT to Kent Ridge Park. I loaded up my Google Map to find the way. After few minutes, I realised that I don't really need it. Eriko is superb with direction! I just have to follow her and we soon saw the correct sign. Let the trekking begins!

Entrance to Kent Ridge!
View down to Hort Park!
The Reflection of Bukit Chandu Monument - $2 for entrance so we skipped :p
Never thought there will be a nice relaxing areas in the middle of forest!
Misuse of road mirror XD Lucky there wasn't any car around
Wedding was being planned at Labrador Park!
@ Last Stop, Henderson Wave
After a super nice trekking, we met up with Anna at Harborfront to grab a lunch. Thanks so much Anna to come all the way from Aljunied. I really love the gathering! I haven't seen Anna for 4 years and she didn't change a bit :) It was really nice catching up after so long!

With Eriko and Anna - Why they are all so photogenic?
Ganbatteee Eriko with your study! All the Best Anna for your projects! Till the next gathering! :)

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