Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Dinner @ ROOM, Alexandra Retail Center

Despite passing by the place so often, never once did I consider eating at Room before ^^; It’s located just beside Burger King and Soup Spoon, which I visited almost every other day. There must be something wrong about the Feng Shui there :p

Wednesday is my OT day, and I finally managed to get another poor soul to go dinner with me. After a long debate of where to go, with all other options at ARC explored, we decided to give ROOM a try.

It was 8pm and we literally booked the whole restaurant for ourselves. I don’t know why it’s so empty ^^; we went for its 1-1 Pasta + 2 Set Menus, which come to around $30.3. For that, we got 2 hot chocolate, 2 spinach soup, 2 pasta, and 2 big pieces of cake. Quite a good offer, I would say (especially when you can claim for it :p)

Hot Chocolate - Taste like Milo to me but my friend insisted it's not
Spinach-like soup. Would have taste better if it's hotter
The Signature Basil Pesto Spaghetti - looks small but it's actually a lot!
Ending the dinner with a sweet note - Carrot Cake and Cheese Cake. Love the Cheese Cake more 
The pasta was a bit plain (I put lots of salt and pepper on it), but the rest of the food is ok :) The service was not bad as well – maybe because it’s so empty that we got all the staff's attention. Overall, it’s a good bargain :)

Thinking of where to go next week,

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