Sunday, February 03, 2013

Blood Donation @ Dhoby Ghaut

First blood donation of the year :D This time we tried out at Blood Bank @ Dhoby Ghaut. The place is conveniently located at Dhoby Exchange. There are few people donating before us, but overall experience was really a speedy one.

Welcoome to Bloodbank @ Dhoby Ghaut! Love the pure white decoration
The Registration Area :D
The Waiting Area :D
Zoom in to the Very Important Area - Foods!
Was filling in the form and realized that the pen is really cute!
After donation, the staff gave me a blood donor card! I'm finally considered a regular donor!
This is my third donation (overall) and I started to enjoy it. It feels good to walk out and knows that you helped some people who need blood. In addition, you got a quick health check (blood pressure and Hgb), as well as free snacks :p haha.. My blood pressure was normal at 110/70 (normal: 120 / 80), and Hgb of 14 (normal: 12 – 16)

Healthy people can donate every 3 months… so… hopefully I’ll go there again next quarter.

Next stop is blood bank @ Outram Park! :D

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