Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chingay 2013 - Fire In Snow

It's the time of the year for Chingay! Thanks to Inche's marketing, 6 of us made our way to the Singapore Pit building on the Saturday evening for the show :)

Chingay - Fire in Snow - The Tix + Guide Book - $21
The Goodie Bag :p
We took at least one hundred of photos before the show started. Well, I'm glad that we did. When the show started at 8pm, we can hardly see anything anymore ^^;

All of us with Pom Pom from Goodie Bag :p
The show started with the welcoming of our Guest of Honours for the night - Mr President Tony Tan! I finally see the president live for the first time! The newscaster mentioned that yesterday's GOH was Lee Hsien Loong. Even better! XD

Mr President on the screen!
Opening Dance!
Segment 1 Act 1: Song of Righteousness
Segment 1 Act 2: Peach Blossoms
Segment 1 Act 3: Paym Youths Poppera
Segment 1 Act 4: North West Eco-Dragon
Segment 1 Act 4: The Auspicious Centipede Dance
Segment 1 Act 4: Towering Dragon Dance - with all the Chinese Prosperity Gods!
Segment 1 Act 5: Chinese Opera Yang's Lady Generals
Segment 1 Act 5: The float!
Garden by the Float :p
After the opening Segment 1, Segment 2 shared more about Ethnic & International Items

Segment 2 Act 1: Indian Item
Segment 2 Act 2: Malay Item
Segment 2 Act 3: Japanese Item - Love the float!
Segment 2 Act 4: Indonesian Item
Segment 2 Act 5: South Korea
Segment 2 Act 5: Dancing Flames & The Galactic Stilt Walkers

After Segment 2, I realized that all my pictures are similar with last year's ^^; but continue to snap anyway - to the Segment 3 - Communities celebrate Chingay!

Segment 3 Act 1: Shnooze Krew/La Camarada - from NUS!
Segment 3 Act 1: Another float from NUS - nothing unique hur (jealous as NTU wasn't in)
Segment 3 Act 2: Passion Culinary Community @ Chingay - This is the best! They REALLY cook! The smell of fried onions make everyone goes WOW.
Segment 3 Act 3: Home, Hope Heart
Very soon, we have watched and Wow-ed for more than an hour, and it's soon time to say good-bye, after the Segment 4  - As One

Segment 4: Zumba As One
There is only one Act on Segment 4. Afterwards, the Zumba dancers stands aside and big gigantic machines came in and started to blow "snows"! (Ok, it's really just bubbles)

Segment 5 Act 1: Let Love Begin
Segment 5 Act 2: Fire in Snow
The ending was an amazing fireworks, as well as the departure of GOH. What a blast!

Fireworks in snow!
Good Night, Mr Tan!
The aftermath was a long jam all the way to Cityhall ^^; After watching two Chingay in both 2012 and 2013, I must say that I still prefer the 2012's. For one, the Chingay was done on water!! and there were so many reference to dragon since it was a dragon year. I didn't see anything unique for this year - same old float, same old dance - in fact, I believe that the number of floats have reduced significantly. There was hardly any reference to snake year. Most of the songs performed were in Chinese, which was quite a pity because the melody was so nice but I don't understand a single word T_T

Oh btw, the Fire in Snow is all about Resilient Spirit :)

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