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Happy Chinese New Year from Indonesia!

Decided to combine the 11 Days Story into 1 post :D

Thurs, 7th Feb’13 – Singapore - Medan 

My flight home was 7.20pm (still manage to shop on the day itself). On the minute we’re ready to go to MRT, I remember that I haven’t sent CNY card to bro! I run to get one from nearby supermarket, wrote, sealed, stamped, and post it straight away. It took me around 40 mins, and I’m lucky to still make it for the flight.

Gate F33 - Departing!
Onboard Meal (Sandwich) and Entertainment (Newspaper)
I reached back Indonesia at around 8pm. It’s my first time using Singapore’s passport to go back Indonesia. Instead of the usual immigration stamp, I was given a 30 days short-term visit visa to Indonesia. Haha. The officer even spoke to me in English. Can’t they see that my name is so Indonesian ^^; Anyway, no question asked at the counter, which is good :) I had Ateng Kuetiaw for dinner, and then sleep soundly at around 10pm.

Fri, 8th Feb’13 – Medan – Tanjung Balai 

My cousins are going back to Tanjung Balai as well and I got a free ride home :D We started at around 11am and reach back home at around 5pm O.O 6 hours! But we did stop for an hour at RM 100 for lunch. Back home, I felt so hungry that I kept munching anything I saw ^^; after a filling dinner, we chat and then I go to sleep at around 11pm. Good girl.

Sat, 9th Feb’13 – New Year’s Eve 

Decided to go and had an haircut at saloon nearby. She quoted me the price of Rp 350,000 for smoothing. Didn’t know the normal price, I just said yes. Turned out that the entire price is doubled that day! Well, not that I would do anything if I knew it earlier. It’s last minute and I have to bear the consequence. At least it’s still cheaper than Singapore’s :p I’m quite happy with the result.

Waiting for my turn at Saloon
I reached back home just in time for lunch. After lunch, I felt so sleepy and had two hours nap. Once waken up, I helped bro-in-law preparing for dumplings, which become our dinner for that day. We went for a walk at Vihara afterwards but didn’t see any major celebration. Slept before 12am that day. 

Lunch menu :D Colourful and Tasty!
Preparing for dinner!
The most delicious dumpling - I can proudly say that I contributed to the making!
One of the big temple in our city :D
Sun, 10th Feb’13 – Water Snake Year 

Woke up at 9am, just nice for a breakfast and shower before the gathering started at 10am. Can’t remember much that day except from lots of food and drinks. Did a weighting that day and shocked to see myself in… 6xkg. OMG! I need to go down by 7 kg!!! Hard work ahead once I go back Singapore.

All the youngsters! Well, almost all!
My niece and nephew in their new dress. I was in pyjamas.
More gathering :D I just cant help but to snap some pic!
Big sis drove back home from Medan and reached back at around 7pm that day. I opened my new iPad, helped to configure it for Dad. It’s quite weird to see so many iPad around.

We had 3 ipads! All white, all different version. Who can tell the difference?

Mon, 11th Feb’13 – Reunion Dinner 

Mum decided not to cook, so we went to RM Gule Masam – Teluk Nibung for lunch. It was half an hour drive from Tanjung Balai and an hour wait for the food to be served. The restaurant was in the middle of nowhere, but it’s full house! The food was decent – we ordered abit too much. Total bill was Rp. 375,000 for the 8 of us.

RM Gule Masam - The Address
The Kitchen! Quite impressed by how clean it's. Look at how big is the pan O.O
This is the delicious Crabs
This is the Prawns - in same sauce ^^;
And this is the fish head. Definitely not my dish.
Later on, we had steamboat for dinner :D I had a small glass of Choya during steamboat and my face turned so red my mum almost bought me to hospital =_=

Family Shot! All was hungry and hence ignored me when I asked for retake =.='
The Steamboat of the year :D
After steamboat, I went for Junior High School Reunion at Wong Solo. Imagine meeting with all the friends you haven’t met for the last 15 years. Most of them are still recognizable, except one. We got almost full attendance from the singles, and zero attendance from the married classmates. Haha.. I'm not surprised.

The only possible Reunion Place - Alas Daun
All of us that night :)
Tue, 12th Feb’13 – Last day in Tanjung Balai 

I had few more gatherings (and collect few more red pockets) before starting to pack and getting ready to go back to Medan. There is a meet up with Boly the next day that I don’t want to miss!

Ladies gathering!
Look alike :D The dog is oh so cute.
With our Mandarin's teacher - she is getting younger each year! 
With my dear "auntie" who just get married this year :p
With Jolin!
Dad bought Sate Padang and I finally had that delicious sinful food :D This time without the sore throat the next day. 

Sate Mamang - The most delicious Sate Padang in Town
Wed, 13th Feb’13 – Hi, Medan! 

Sis and I bid farewell to Tanjung Balai and we started our journey back to Medan at 9am. We reached Medan at 1pm. I had Garuda Nasi Padang and then rush to the meet up at 2pm. It has been a year since the last time I met Boly, and she didn’t change a bit, wait, she did become prettier :D We chatted until around 6pm, then excused ourselves home. I had fried rice for dinner and slept at around 12am.

At Boly's cozy Living Room
Thurs, 14th Feb’13 – Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Finally my wish to have a date in Medan came true :p We went to Sun at around 2pm and spent the day there. At night, I was treated a nice dinner at Miranmar :D went back home with really full belly T_T I finished 10 books of romantic comics book “Midori is a Tomboy” and went to sleep at around 12am (again)

Thank you, my Valentine!
No one needs to know where were we :p
Two mangas which I love to the max! I missed Kung Fu Boy!
Dinner at Miranmar!

They really know how to order *full
I still love reading comic books after all *Comic Queen
Fri, 15th Feb’13 – Weekend! 

Well, everyday is a weekend for me here, but Friday means that I can hang out with my friends till late and I don’t have to feel guilty :p Sister kicked me up at 8am in the morning and I started the day visiting my dear cousin at Cemara Asri. Had nice Tiong Sim noodle for lunch afterwards, followed by relaxing at home. Aunt paid a visit at around 5pm, and then I went out with my friends at 7pm... until 12am ^^;

Tiong Sim :D I think this is the 10th time I posted the same pic
My twin cousin! Not very twin anymore now that she is so slim and I'm fatter
5 Cim's Family :D
The only two senior high school friends that I'm still in-touch with :D

Sat, 16th Feb’13 – Family Gathering at Medan!

Mum and Dad and Sister and Bro-in-Law and my nephew took a train from TB to Medan at 11am. While waiting for them to arrive in the evening, Meiling Sis took me to yet another mouthwatering lunch.
Lebong - Best Beef Noodle in Medan :D

After lunch, we went to Brastagi to shop, and then I nagged that I wanted to try facial. Bro-in-law dropped me at one of the facial place near Wahidin, and then I dragged sister to come along with me. The whole process was very relaxing (I almost fell asleep), but I was really shocked to see my face afterwards. Full of red dots! It wasn't as glamorous as what I expected. No more facial until further notice.
The Facial Machine!
Babor - the cream they used.

In the evening, we went to Hee Lai Ton for the company year end dinner. I don't know what it's all about, but I had great food :D

Lo Hei! in Medan! contain Jackfruit, which makes it tastier
Sun, 17th Feb’13 – Bye, Indo!

We flied back to Singapore early morning. My bag only weighted 15kg vs my usual packing of 30kg. I started to lose my art of packing ^^; Or maybe this time I'm carrying it as part of my body (read: fats). Initially I worried that I stayed too long in Indo. In the end, I had great fun, and no holiday is ever too long :p

Till the next time "visiting"!

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