Friday, February 01, 2013

Journey to MBFC

My sister flew off on Thursday and my duty as tourguide was completed. I was considering if I should go back to office on Friday, but decided to extend my leave for another day –Friday is end of week reporting time. Not a good time to be back when I don’t know of what has happened for the whole week.

So, instead of going to my office at MBC (Mapletree Business City), I went for a tour at MBFC (Marina Bay Financial Center) – to get a feeling of working in financial district :p I took MRT to Marina Bay, and then walked all the way from MRT to MBFC tower 3. Honestly, I didn’t really know the route, but I just have to follow a crowd of business-dressed people around :p

Have been hearing about it for so many times, but it's my first visit to MBFC!
There are still lots of construction going-on, and the walking path was quite narrow. I reached MBFC at around 10am. First stop is Fitness First. I registered at the counter and they gave me the temporary pass to the building. First time there, I just followed the first lift opened. I was kind of stunned when walked in to the lift. There was no floor button at all!

Where are the button? Stunned inside the lift
There were only emergency button available, and the lift seems to stop at random floors. I have to then ask the people in the lift (causing him to miss his lift) on how to navigate to different floor. Turn out that there is a keypad in front of the lift, where you have to enter your floor number, and it will then tell you which lift to wait for. Wow. I felt like villager coming to city.

The calculator looking stuff is actually lift level keypad :s
I enjoyed going gym at around 10am when I’m on leave – there are not many people around, you feel like you owned the gym :p And there are normally more entertainment in the TV. I did my usual 10KM run while watching American Idols 12. Being the latest FF branch, all the equipment is pretty new. The color combination and lighting gave it a posh look.

Going to the FF newest branch in town!
The lighting and decor made the whole thing felt like catwalking stage.
The Receptionist Area!
The Group Exercise Area!
The Free Style Training Area 
The Cycling Area :D Why am I helping them to promote? :s
I don’t like the changing room though. The hanger is attached to the locker and I can’t bring it to the shower or changing room. And there is no swimming pool. It has a better location, but I think the fitness first at mapletree is still the best *biased.

The empty changing room! All mine!
Done with gyming, I make a visit to DBS MBFC to get some fresh note. This is DBS main branch and everything looks so luxurious!

Whole floor for DBS!
Their future looking branch *satisfied customer
Afterwards, I went for lunch with Citra :D She recommended Keisuke Tori King Ramen at 100AM – just beside Amara Hotel. I reached there around 12.20pm and the queue was already snaking. Luckily, it moved quite fast. We’re in the restaurant by 12.35 and the food was with us before 12.40pm. Its signature is grilled chicken tight and drumstick, which is served with every bowl of ramen ordered :D First time seeing this! In addition, they served free beansprouts and boiled eggs. I think I had 3 eggs. That’s the issue of eating right after gym - you can hardly control your appetite.

Tori King at Straits Times! I knew it's famous!
Looking right to the kitchen while queuing
The crowds! Thanks god everyone was considerate and the queue moves fast
The various condiments :D As usual, I tried everything 
Me happily looking at my ramen. Cit refused to take pic with me
My delicious chicken wasabi ramen :D
After lunch, we went for a quick tea at Tsujiri, which served all things in green tea. I ordered the Chocholate green tea, which tastes surprisingly good. After a good 15 mins chat, Cit had to go back to work and I concluded my journey to financial district :p Not sure when will I get a chance to work there one day. ED


Anonymous said...

Hey, so the only way to access fitness first at mbfc is to register for a guest pass everytime?

Erlin Diana said...

yes, i think so. similar like orq.