Thursday, March 28, 2013

All the best, Joyce!

I noticed that I received more farewell emails when the last day of the month falls on Friday, or when the start of the month is a Monday. Is there a trend? This Friday alone, I know that it's the last day of 3 dear colleagues! Sob!

But it's all good goodbyes. They all have new places and ready for the next challenges. Once is nice enough to give a sweet goodbye - cup cakes!

Farewell, pretty cheerful lady!
The cup cakes was one of the best cup cakes in Singapore. It's oh all so well decorated. I really had hard time picking among the different cup cakes, and she ended up giving me all O.O As much as I want to eat them all, I decided to pick one and share with the rest of the team.

Twelve Cupcakes! Lovely and Tasty
I got to know her better on the last 5 months, so it kind of sad that I need to say good bye so soon T_T people come and go. Hope that our path will cross again.

Till then... all the best!

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