Friday, March 15, 2013

Dhany's Farewell @ Wala Wala & Cold Rock Ice, Holland Village

Our best badminton player is leaving for Pattaya, and so here we’re celebrating our better chance to take his title. Not for me though, I’m still at the bottom in any case.

Alright, the truth is, Dhany has been playing along with us for more than a year, and we’re really so going to miss him. For me, I know whom I should partner with whenever I want to win (or when I don’t have energy to play anymore). He always looks at ease while playing but his move was almost flawless.

The Bee Man! - Credit to Helios for the Pic
We went to Wala wala for dinner, followed by Cold Rock Ice creamery for dessert :D

Calamari @ Wala Wala - $12 
Chicken Wing @ Wala Wala - $12 - Worth it! 
Cold Rock Ice Creamery - $10 for medium waffle! 
The colourful ice cream! Can't really decide
The usual me eating non-stop. Kudos to Helios' camera which make me look presentable while eating
Well, wish you all the best at Pattaya! Come back sound and safe as Dhany and not Dhaniella or anything else!

OOT: Timing and Pricing for Buffet Xiao Long Pao. Going to try it next time!
Have a safe flight this Monday!

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