Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fire Warden in Action!

After a nice buffet bribe the week before, now comes the hard work! I supposed to be working from home on Thursday as part of our Business Continuity Plan, but have to reschedule it, thanks to the Fire Drill on Thursday morning T_T

The fire drill was organized by the building management, so we have no control over the timing. And well, they select 9.30am in the morning for the drill. I don’t know if it’s good or bad. There were only a handful of people around. The good thing is that I have less people to chase down, but I guess it defeats the whole purpose of fire drill if there was only so few participated. I met my fellow fire warden and he said he only get 5 people! Out of 55 under his care ^^; Even his backup fire warden hasn’t arrived yet. 

Regardless of the numbers of people - fire drill is still a fire drill. We followed the procedure and chase every single soul down; walked the long 20 mins to the assembly area at Comtech, did the count, wait under the sun for the reconciliation, and finally dismissed the people.

After most of the people go back to office, fire wardens were given the chance to try out the fire extinguisher. I was excited! :D They actually lit up real fire so that we can do real practice with the extinguisher. Well, it was surprisingly easy. I just have to squeeze the handle a little, and a massive lots of foam came out, and the fire just died :D The extinguisher wasn’t even heavy. Maybe around 3kg?

"Is it hot is it hot?" *getting closer inch by inche
*Once realized that it's not hot at all
At around 10.45am, I finally reached back office. My shirt was totally wet with sweat, and I was freezing for the rest of the day. That’s the sacrifice of a fire warden ^^;

Not sure if it's visible, but my whole shirt was wet!
Alright, I'm thinking of passing down my legacy soon. Any young passionate people interested to save life, let me know!

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