Monday, March 18, 2013

First Kindle Book Completed: Steve Jobs

After months, passing through different countries, I finally finished my first Kindle Book - Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Well, the kindle was a birthday present from last year - I'm glad that I'm able to complete a book on it before my next birthday (which is coming up next week =_=)

Anyway, I was kind of fooled - I put on-hold the book when I reached around 74% completion. When I finally decided to continue reading, turn out the next page was the ending and the last 25% are all credits and pics =_=' I would have finished the book one month earlier.

How would I rate the book? The book provided a lot of details on his achievements and how he achieved it, but not much on WHY he took specific actions, and WHY he acted the way he did. I still don't really understand his thinking logic in the end. Well, maybe the way genius think is not easy to be explained after all.

In any case, I still enjoyed reading it :] I really hope that Tim Cook and his executive team read it, too. He was very concerned that innovation will end on his hand, and it seems to be really the case now for Apple :(

Anyway, I take this as the fulfillment of my resolution of 1 book per quarter :p Moving next to the hopefully more interesting and less intellectual novel for second quarter!

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish,

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