Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday B’day Celebration @ Secret Recipe

… with my Friday’s lunch gang! For some reason, I didn’t expect this at all. Eleanor planned this from one month ago and I thought it’s just our usual get together =.=’’ My radar is getting rather weak.

Wei Ming drove us there as usual, and we went for its lunch promotion. Honestly, I don’t think it’s very cheap or such - $17.5 for a main + drink + brownies. And the brownies is called “Apple Cheese Brownies” Joyce feel cheated to know that the brownies isn’t really brown XD

For the main, I decided to go for Tom Yam Chicken, so did the other 2 of us. I enjoyed the food but the two was rather disappointed to know that there was no prawn in the soup ^^; It’s called chicken tom yam for a reason!

My Spicy Tom Yam! Nyum!
After the meal, they arranged our brownies to imitate a birthday cake, and we took some pics before blowing the candle off :D Sharing the spot with Kah Onn, who has the exact some birthday as me! (and we’re sitting beside each other in office, what a coincidence!)

Group Pic! Thanks so much for a nice surprise!
Tough to deny that you're getting older when everyone kept reminding you about it ^^;

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