Friday, March 29, 2013

Hi, Sony Nex-F3D + Gifts

Well. I'm 26th. Sometime I think people give me gift just to distract me from keep complaining about how I used to be young.

Happy Birthday to me!
Here are some stuffs I'm bribed with when I'm 26th!

Sony Nex-F3D!
Ok I don't know what to say. I really didn't expect this. I mean, yes I have been ranting about a new camera for the last two years, but I still couldn't decide on what I want to replace my beloved Panasonic LX-3. I guess he had enough with my rant and decided to do the research and bought it and gave it to me so as to close the topic once and for all. Well, I was really in awed. Welcome, my new baby! Thanks so much dear :)
Chomel - Earrings!
Earring is the only official item in my wish list this birthday. I didn't tell my roomie about this - she must has some sixth sense to be able to get me what I want O.O Or maybe I talked about it when I slept, I'm not sure. Thanks so much roomie!

Folli Follie - Earrings #2!
Ok this one is cheating. My colleagues asked me if I want anything and I told them directly that I want earrings! Not sure if it's a fair request to 10 guys. I was a bit sceptical, but they took the challenge well and actually came out with a nice pair of earrings. Thank you guys!

Kimmidoll - iPhone 5 Case!
Tatsu kun just came back from Japan, and passed me this. I'm not sure if this is a souvenir or a birthday gift, but I really like it. Cant wait until my current case to break so that I can find the excuse to use a new one XD Thanks, Tatsu kun!

All the pictures above are taken with iPhone 5 - Can't wait to show off the Sony's pics!

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