Monday, March 04, 2013

I'm Back, Blog!

I was missing from blogsphere for the whole month of Feb! Some of my friends actually come and ask me what happened ^^; Thanks all, never know that you're all following through. Haha. There were lot of things going on, and I kept telling myself that I would do some updates on the next weekend. Well, I ended up ignoring my blog for the whole month!

Honestly, it was not a nice feeling to abandon my blog. I had so many things I want to note down before I forgot, and alas, some were already forgotten when I finally decided to sit down and type something today ^^; I feel guilty to the future me!

If you see any blog posts in Feb, it's all backdated posts, written as much as how I remember it. There are so many other things that I wanted to share at the moment, and then forgotten, like this nice Indian Food.

Vegetarian Indian Food - Comtech Basement - really filling for $5
Time to get back to track!

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