Friday, March 01, 2013

Lunch with Ladies @ JPot

How am I supposed to slim down with all the delicious food went down my stomach? :s

Anyway, this is one of the important lunch I don't want to miss. Very rare you'll get a chance to lunch with all ladies ok! *excuse excuse.

We got to know each other during Body Balance class before. Now that all of us have joined FF and finally being in same office, we decided to have a quick chat up! It's so much fun chatting with them :D

A mix of GT AS, Infra GT, GTP, GT GTB in one table
Can't remember since when I started to love JPot ALOT!
To make things even more alluring, Christine whopped out her Member card which entitled us to 20% discount. We ended up with $20 each for this super delicious lunch. Totally worth it.

Time to hit the gym more frequently now T_T,

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