Saturday, March 16, 2013

Oz: The Great and Powerful @ Cathay, Dhoby

Thanks to Inche for organizing a movie hangout for us :) Can’t remember the last time I watched Disney’s movie in Cinema. Was it Rapunzel? The movie Oz was quite funny and the graphic was good, but I don’t really see a clear story line and ending.

The Trailer
A magician took an air balloon and landed at country oz. The country was under control of two wicked witches, so he hushed them away and then stayed at the country happily ever after with the princess. The end.

That’s it? What happened with his real life? What happen to his real life’s friend? Why the two wicked witches which fled? @.@ I’m not sure if they are planning sequel for that.

After movie, I finally got a chance to use my 10% discount on Gong Cha. Feel so sinful and good at the same time :p

Alisan Tea :D
And oh! Saw Iron Man’s trailer and it looks quite good! Can’t wait for the release in April!

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