Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday's Lunch @ Tee Top, Keppel Club

March has always been a difficult time for me to keep my diets, and farewells didn’t make it any easier.

In an attempt to find a farewell place for our dear colleague, we travelled to Keppel Club and looked around the various restaurants available for farewell dinner in April. Afterwards, we indulged ourselves with lunch at Tee Top – Golfer’s Terrace. It’s more like café rather than restaurant. Despite being located at such a posh area, the pricing is actually quite decent – approx. $7 – 9 for the main, and come with a set menu for $8.9 as well.

Decent Cafe with nice view over the golf areas
During one of the lunch chat, we discussed about the membership fee – and guess how much is it? Freaking $20,000!! And here am I thinking of cancelling Fitness first membership because the price increases from $110 to $130. What a different world we're living in. And oh, they further elaborated that Keppel Club is one of the more affordable club. There is one at Tanah Merah which cost $100,000 for membership O.O Now I understand why they said Golf is for rich people.

High Tech Cafe - they even have a bell to get the waiter ^^;
Back to the food, Tee Top is famous for the local delicacies, but I decided to go for Spaghetti Bolognese ^^; No regrets - it tastes ok :)

Penang Fried Kway Teow - Spicy and good, should have gone for this
Fried Laksa - Looks good and sinful!
I never really like Rojak, but this one is full of flavour!
Tempting-looking Chicken Wings (but taste so so)
My Spaghetti Bolognese! With separate cheese :p
I was quite full after the meal + rojak + chicken wing, but still sin with a cup of Chendol =.=' so much about my diet determination.

Reach back office at 2pm and get straight into calls until the end of the day. Thank God I wasn't feeling really sleepy.

I need 20km run to clear off this sin :s

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