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4 Days 3 Nights – Singapore – Krabi – Phuket

There are thousand of photos on my 8GB memory card. It gets really tough to select only the top few to show.

The trip was initially planned for October last year. We were one week away from the trip when all in sudden our travel agent went bankrupt and ate our flight + accommodation T_T This time around, we booked and planned everything ourselves!

Friday, 26 April 2013 – Singapore – Krabi

Kicked off the journey from Queenstown at 7.30am. Grinned at the other people in MRT who were going to work. Reached Changi Airport Terminal 2 at 8.30am and checked-in within 10 mins. With time at our side, we proceed for a relaxing breakfast at the 24 hours food court at level 2. Had my favorite Roasted chicken breast subway and then went to the boarding area at 10.00AM.

The Travel Gank @ Changi Terminal 2, Boarding Area
Our flight went off smoothly at 10.25am, and we reached Krabi at 11.10am as planned. The hotel’s pickup was waiting for us and we proceed to the first stop – Buritara Resort!

Sunny first day despite the cloudy forecast
The resort wasn’t disappointing. The place is clean and the room was better than what we had in Bali. We did a quick check-in and then proceed to hunt for our lunch around the hotel area.

Nice Comfy room - welcomed with cute elephant towel ^^
There were lots of choices just within a stone throw from the hotel. Don’t really know which restaurant to go; we decided to go for the most interesting name – Sabai Sabai! The food was decent – the best was its Mango Sticky Rice! The sweetness of the Mango is just heavenly.

Sabai Sabai Terrace - Reminded us of one of the noose show
I will never feel Mango Sticky Rice the same way again
Pic of the restaurant! It's apparently one of the Best Western's Restaurant =.='
We went to its famous Ao Nang beach after lunch, enjoying the first of many beaches to come. The weather was really hot, so we decided to go back to hotel after while. We did some shopping along the way as well. Funniest buy was a 6 litre of water for 95 baht, while the hotel sells it for 60 baht ^^;

Group Pic @ Ao Nang Beach - It was really hot so pardon our small eyes
At 5pm, we took a transport to Krabi Town (500 baht each way). We started with the infamous Giant Crab near the seashore. We are not sure why a crab – probably because Krabi sounds like Crab-y? There is also another signature eagle statue nearby. Not sure what it represents, but it’s not as famous as the crab, judging from the number of people queuing for the crab pics.

Craby Statue at Krabi!
White Eagle Statue :D
Finished with sight seeing, we stopped at Pao Dam for dinner, as recommended by our driver. We reached there at around 6pm. By 7.00pm, the place is flooded with crowd. The food was great but the service was super slow! We ordered 6 items and it took them 1.5hours to deliver 4 items. We gave up afterwards and asked them to cancel the other items – one was still in the queue and another one was never ordered for us. Sigh!

Pao Dam Bar and Restaurant - a must go! 
Love this cockles the most!
The main attraction of the Krabi town is its night market! We went in and I really want to buy EVERYTHING! The food looked all nyummy and within the 10 – 30 baht range. That’s 50 cents to 1.5 SGD! We bought so much food back to the hotel, I believe the driver was actually frowning because of the smell we bought to his nice Fortuna car :x Night was filled with supper and a nice game of Uno. We slept soundly at around 12am.

The pax-to-the-max Pineapple Fried Rice for 25 Baht!
Our supper back at the hotel :D
Saturday, 27 April 2013 – Krabi – Phi-Phi Island

After a nice filling hotel buffet breakfast, we proceed with the whole day tour on speedboat to Phi-Phi islands. Ok I must admit that all the islands look really similar to me - I don’t know which one is which – there are 8 locations in total – Maya Bay, Monkey Bay, Lohsamah Bay, Pileh Bay, Viking Cave, Phi Phi Don, Hin Klarng, Bamboo Island + 1 incidental private island stop over.


Started the journey at Speed Boat!
First time swimming at Lohsamah Bay open sea and I was really scared! and we were actually bitten by Jelly Fish @.@ Lucky nothing permanent. The medicine is Vinegar!
I was already seasick by lunch and just eating salad - this picture is Fendi's lunch for promotional purpose :p
At Phi-Phi Don!
Walking around Phi-Phi Dons. Lots and lots of restaurants, hotels, and bars!
Nothing can beat Magnum on a sunny day - 70 baht.
Stop at Private Island - really lovely view! took this shot before getting shooed away by the guard
My first snorkelling experience was at Lohsamah Bay! I love it!
Last stop at Bamboo Island!
We reached back hotel at around 4pm. After a quick shower, we went to concur the whole areas of Ao Nang. Went out at around 5pm and get back home at around 10pm. I think we have stopped at at least 50 shops and shopped at at least 10 shops. Did a pit stop at McD before reached back hotel and called it a day.

Dinner @Beccofino Italian Restaurant
Supper at McD - look at the cute Dipping sauces! When will it be available in Singapore?
Sunday, 28 April 2013 - Krabi - Phuket

We bid farewell to Krabi and moved on to Phuket! We met our local driver for the next two days – Bang Budi – a really nice fella. On the way to Phuket, we made a stop at Phang-Nga Island Safari and did our elephant riding + ATV.

To Phuket! The various attractions!
Our elephant master was really nice and took like 50 pics of us on elephant (which is actually not allowed). I gave him 100 baht for that. Our “official picture” was on sale for 300 baht.

On Elephant! The Elephant was even putting up a show :D
ATV stands for All-Terrain Vehicle. The ride is similar with Go-cart, just that the location is at jungle instead of well-prepared lane. Knowing how bad I’m with even Boom-boom car, I decided to tag along with Winson for the ride. Well, the ride was pretty smooth for the first half. On the way back, all sort of disaster happens – Fen’s ATV lost the brake, Inche’s ATV just stuck at the place, Jess’ ATV just stopped; Winson’s and mine lost its wheel! O.O it was 12pm and the weather was really hot – not funny at all when we had to stop every minute to tackle the issue.

This is how ATV looks like - my shoes was all gone T_T
After the “adventure”, we made another stop at Premium Outlet for lunch and shopping. Lunch was at a posh place called By-Pass Seafood (funny name!) We ordered everything but seafood there ^^; By that time, we were already aware that we’re short of baht – I was left with 25 baht and owed Winson another 1000. Fendi decided to use credit card for the lunch – good call, otherwise we’ll be short for another 1,900 baht – our most expensive lunch ever.

Lunch with a view!
Our food!
We spent few hours at Premium outlet, going around from shop to shop. All the things look similar with those in Singapore, and I don’t really see that it’s any cheaper. I’m expecting stuff like Guess or LV or Prada, but apparently the shops are mostly Adidas, Nike, Crocs – not very premium in Singapore :p

@ Premium Outlet - look who shopped the most!
Done with shopping, we continued with our journey and finally reached Phuket at around 4pm. The driver dropped us at the Phuket Night Market and we started shopping again! Stuff was less due to the fact that we’re broke XD

How to say no to all these delicious looking dishes? 25 baht each! (... though not very hygiene looking)
We reached Baumanburi Resort at around 6.30pm, quickly checked-in and showered and dinner to catch our Simon Carbaret show at 7.45pm. The show was quite amazing – all the performers were really tall, slim, and pretty. The stage and the dress are all really professional as well – it was 700 baht worth spent! Loved the whole 75 mins show.

Simon Carbaret Show Tix!
After the show was the meet up with the performers. Well, I really wanted to take picture with one of them, but we’re so scared that we’ll be dragged; we ended up only taking it from far. There are at least 50 performers lined up for photos.

Look at all the pretty girls! Lucky that they are not real girls or we're totally beaten
The second from left was the guys' favourite :p
We reached back hotel at around 10pm, and then continued walking to Bangla Road, which is the heart of Phuket’s Nightlife. Well, I didn’t expect it to be so wild! There were continuous stream of promoter asking if we’re interested with Ping Pong and Go-Go shows. Inside the pub, there are pretty girls(?) dancing wildly on the table. Even outside the pub, there was a view glass where the girls are doing their stuff O.O
Nightlife in Phuket - made Clarke Quay felt like nothing
We ended up at KFC for supper where I got my fix of Emperor Chicken :D Walked back to hotel afterwards and sleep at around 12am after a Mango Sticky Rice supper.

My KFC @ Thailand!
Monday, 29 April 2013 - Phuket - Singapore

Last day, and I don’t feel like going home T_T the last 3 days had been a blast, and all in sudden we’re reminded that all these are coming to and end. Inche even received a call from office, which she gracefully missed just to enjoy the rest of the day XD

Nice Breakfast buffet by the pool
We started the day with a nice buffet breakfast and stroll at Patong Beach, which was located 5 mins away from our hotel.

Proof that we were at Patong Beach!
The view! Our photographer missed out the last sentence "@ Phuket" T_T
Forgot to snap a pic of our room before all the mess - it was a disappointment compared with the first one at Krabi
After checked-out, our dedicated driver brought us to Big Buddha (with a 2 mins stop at Kata Beach) – the Buddha was apparently still under construction after 5 years – but most part of the status was already done.

Last beach @ Kata Beach - Phuket
With one of the gold buddhas at the top of the mountain
Group Pic!
Cliff seeing the whole Phuket - blocked by us (blushed)
Unfortunately, my story has to stop here – my stomach started to pain from morning and it gets really bad in the afternoon. I vividly knew that we went to the temple, wang talang, mall, monkey mountain, but I was hardly conscious.

By the time we reached airport at 5pm, I can hardly walked for more than 5 steps. I made everyone so worried T_T Sorry all T_T they bought me oilment, warm milk, medicine, water - all the things I can think of, but the pain didn’t subdue. I vomited and went to toilet couple of times, and was feeling feverish when I board the flight. I was really scared that I would be quarantine that I tried to act cheerful whenever I passed through immigrations =.=’’

Right from Changi, Winson brought me to Alexandra hospital for a check. The doctor asked for my symptoms, and then verdicted me as having “Travel Diarrhea” - the kind of diarrhea you got when you travel to foreign place and eating foreign food. He just gave me some antibiotic and panadol for medication - took it really lightly that I almost feel dumb of going to the hospital. Thankfully, I felt much better after the medication, and was able to sleep soundly at night.

Feel like I went to Alexandra Hospital more often than I expected
This travel has been quite unique. For the first time, I learnt about the pain of jellyfish bite, the dizziness of seasick, the horrible impact of food poisoning, and mostly, the importance of good travel companions.

Thanks so much all for being such a wonderful companion! Can’t wait for the next travel opportunities! ED

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