Sunday, April 07, 2013

Birthday Dinner with Feli @ Crystal Jade Jiang Nan

Ok, I promised that this is the last Birthday related post. And honestly, the meet up is more for Feli's birthday rather than my b'day :p Yup, her b'day is on 26th March - just one day gap from mine!

Happy Birthday, Sis!
I have been wanted to try out the Crystal Jade Jiang Nan @ Vivo for awhile. But there were always long queue which put me off (especially when I was already hungry). This time, I made sure that I reached early enough (6.30pm). There are already like 15 people in the queue, but the service was surprisingly fast! We were in the restaurant within 5 mins!

Really interested with the multi-color appetizer! But didn't order it at last

And there are 8 types of La Mien! I want to try all!!
Alright, I don't really know what Jiang Nan is famous for, but we ordered the usual Xiao Long Pao on top of our main dishes :D Food are good as usual, and the service was fast. I actually want my usual serving of la mien, but for some reason, they didn't serve the normal portion after 5pm T_T I go for Shanghai fried noodle instead.

The colorful Xiao Long Pao!
And here is the flavor defined :p
Signature La Mien, which look so different from Menu!
After a filling dinner, I wanted to go for dessert, but they preferred to shop, so we walked around Vivocity. Dropped by Franc Franc to look at their awesome designs. We walked around until 9pm, and then decided to go back home to rest.

I touched Eiffel! :p - decoration @ Franc Franc
New day, new Monday tomorrow! What’s await? :)

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