Friday, April 19, 2013

Hayati’s Farewell at Punjab Grill

Finally a private farewell dinner with Hayati! With her vast network, it’s really, really tough trying to limit on who to invite. Even after limiting to only the core team members, we still ended up with almost 30 of us ^^;

Team Pic with Hayati!
Punjab Grill is considered Indian’s Fine Dining (I thought fine dining is only for European food) Luckily; their portion is quite huge for a fine dining. We started with a chef complimentary meatball, followed by shrimp fitter, papadam, chicken tikka, grilled cheese chicken, lime sorbet… and that’s all just the appetizers! I was 60% full when we went to the main dishes. The main dishes were all delicious. I love the panner, but the shrimp curry was the best (and apparently the most expensive ones)

The Restaurant Interior
Cute Appetizer - Complimentary from the Chef!
The most delicious Papadam I ever had - It's spicy and... just lovely! 
The Chicken Tikka! Nyumms!
Shrimp Fritter - crunchy!
My Plate of appetiser - the Grilled Cheese was the best!
The mains O.O So full after few naans
We took quite a lot of pictures proceed with the gift ceremony after dinner – really hope that she likes it. She mentioned that she has given countless farewell to people, and kind of speechless now that it’s her turn. Haha! Anyway, I’m sure that it’s not the end, and we’ll definitely meet up again – office or outside office :p

The Team - Table 1 - The Non Veg!
The Team - Table 2 - Veg! :p
With the star of the day :D
The trophy from Royal Selangor
Scarf from Hermes!
The complete gift set from the team and beyond :)
Till next week, Hayati!

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