Sunday, April 21, 2013

Legoland Gateaway cum Bol & Fid’s Visit cum Ken’s Farewell

There were 17 of us going to Legoland today O.O It’s one of our biggest getaways since a very long time! We bought the ticket well in advance for $41 from travel agency in Chinatown, much better than buying it at the gate for RM 140.

Half of the gang - still sleepy @ Kopitiam, Jurong East
We started our journey from Jurong East MRT at 8.30AM sharp, taking CW3 ($4). The traffic was smooth and we reached Johor at around 9.00AM. Since the direct bus to Legoland was reaching only at 10.30AM, we decided to continue our journey with CW3 to Gelang Patah and took LG1 from there to Legoland (RM 2.3). There were taxi around as well, but bus is still more convenient for our large group afterall.

Our very own chartered bus XD Basically no other people at the bus really
We reached Legoland at around 10.30AM and started playing straight away (after few photoshots :D)

Oh yeah! Lego, Lego everywhere! I love the flags!
Here is our map of fun!
The first ride we took was the Project X at Lego Technic. It looked all small and cute, but the ride was proven as one of the best around the area :D We queued for around 10 mins and managed to complete the ride with all super ugly faces snap ^^;

Project X - The Tiny yet Scary Ride
After Project X was the Lego’s Kingdom! Wanted to try the second largest roller coaster around, but queued at the wrong place and ended up at the Dragon’s Apprentice for kids =_=’ Thankfully there was no queue, so we took it anyway. When we went in to the second ride, the sky was already dark. True enough, the rain was pouring like anything when we finally came out from the ride. It was only 11.00 AM T_T Can’t believe how fast weather changed.

Getting ready for the next ride!
Uuh Oh.. the Sky...
We hid for half an hour at Lego Mindstorm’s, then join the rest at Knight’s Feast for lunch. We waited until around 12.30pm before deciding to continue our journey to Studio’s 4D @ Imagination. Watched the movie “Legend of Chima”, which was filled with Light, smoke, wind and rain. That was really not bad! :D the special effect was good, but we ended up wetter than what we already were =.=’

Chicken Cajun - RM 20
Chicken & Beef Sausages - RM 20
At the Studio 4D! Tatsu behind!
Done with movie, we proceed to the Land of Adventure. I guess I played everything there – the funny laser tag “Lost Kingdom Adventure”, the tiny spacer “Beetle Bounce”, and finally the water game “Dino Island”.

After warming our self at the Body Drier booth, we walked around the Mini City. The city was stunning. There are so many different countries and landmarks built out of Lego! We walked around 30 mins and then took the Legoland Express around the city :)

Lego Version of China!

Practicing Self Portrait! I love the new camera!
One of the many wonderful Lego Architectures!
Done with the train, we split to two groups. Some went to the roller coaster, while the rest and myself went for a cute Kid Power Tower and Observation Tower. We still have some time when done, so all of us decided to go for The Dinasour’s ride. Can’t believe that there are no queue for almost anything – we finish the ride within 5 mins :D

By then, the time was already 4pm, and we decided to call it a day. I made a quick stop at the Big Store, and then we walked to catch the bus LG1 (RM 4) to City Square. It was hardly 5pm and I was already starving.

After walking around the areas, we decided to settle for Dragon-I for dinner. The food was good… and cheap XD It’s RM 30 for each of us + treat for Ken. Think I’m going to go there again soon.

My nice Sichuan Dan Dan Mien + Pork Ribs - RM 18
After a nice warming dinner, we walked to immigration and got a bus to Singapore. It was almost 9pm when I finally reached back home. 13 hours of fun and rain outside the whole day! Man I might get too old for this XD I love the outing despite the rain :) If only we can have this more often! Now, I have to recuperate from wearing high heels to theme park ^^;

Legoland mission accomplished!

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