Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Dinner with Sumita @ Sakura, Dhoby Ghaut

After many brainstormings, we decided to go to Sakura International Buffet for the long awaited dinner with Sumita - I can't think of anywhere better for Halal + Vegetarian + Sushi lover (+ me who eat everything).

The eaters!
There are a few branches for Sakura, we decided to go to the one at Dhoby Ghaut. The place was located just beside the Dhoby MRT, but it took forever for us in car to find the path to the restaurant. Unbelievable. We ended up circling around for almost 45mins, stopped at a random parking lot, and walked 10 mins under the rain to reach the place =.='' Sometimes public transport is really better.

My mood lit up once I reached the place. The food looked so good!! It has been years since the last time I visited the place and I forgot how tempting the place could be. There are a lot of youngsters around and we're easily the oldest table in the whole restaurant =.='

Sushi and Sashimi! The best section of the restaurant!
They are not stingy at all with their food. Everything is free flow. There was different rows for Japanese Food, Chinese Food, and Western. Then they have separate section for Chicken Rice and Laksa and ala-carte order. The drinks section covered at least 10 different drinks, including my favorite green tea! The most thorough section will be the dessert - I don't have sweet tooth, but the desserts looked really appetizing!

First Place - Japanese food!

Second Plate - Western  + Chinese + Malay + Japanese

Third Plate - Dessert!
A bit sad that the food quality is not as good as how it looks. Ok, I think the sashimi is decent. But the rest of the dishes are either too salty or plain. And the dessert are three level too sweet v_v Otherwise it would have been a perfect bowl of Ginko Taro and Black Glutinous Rice.

... and look what I found! The smell was really strong *.*
We finished eating at around 9.00pm, chatted until 9.45pm and called it a day. It was a super nice dinner :D For first time I don't really felt bloated after buffet. They give me a $10 return voucher. I'm ready to go back again anytime :p

Till next visit!

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