Saturday, May 18, 2013

Exxon Mobil Family Extravaganza 2013

It was an awesome event. Enough said. I already set a very high standard (based on their earlier events), but this still awed me all over. I think I said “OMG SO AWESOME!” every five minutes.

The Tix to awesomeness!
The whole Marina Barrage filled with endless events
Despite being an open & common spaces, they managed to arrange it in such a way that it feels so exclusive! They have many different booths - from food to games to photos. The qualities were good and it's all free of charge!! I just feel like going back over and over again.

A really professional looking stage! with awesome singers and DJ!
How the event looked from the top - they even have buggy jumping!
The company was celebrating their 120 years anniversary and they go all the way out. The theme was arrange to remind us of good old times, which comes with a free ride of River Cruise!

First time being to Singapore River Cruise! for free XD
A nice view nearing the sunset time
After a nice slow calm ride, we decided it's the time for... food! I don't even know how to start. I almost explode because of excitement there.

Mountain of drinks and fruits for grab! Feel like went to free Canteen
Rows of candies for packs! Imagine you went to Candy Empire and all go for free O.O It really feels like that
Free good old snacks for grab!! And it's all come with easily take away packaging!
Free Lao Ban! Which I would have paid to have it anytime!
Lots of food from laksa to Peking Duck O.O
... and nicely done banana & egg prata *glup
Did I mention that the theme was good old food?
Ok, there are just too much food for me to post here. There are a buffet spread, mua chee, laksa, ice cream, popcorn, candy floss, you mentioned it they have it. If I'm a kid, I would thought that I'm in heaven.

After a nice filling food, we went around and start the next activities, kite flying!

Group pics! Happy proud EM's friends :p
The weather just happen to be so good that day!
Relaxing weekend and nice view from the top :D
Just watching sunset and chatting and relaxing. What a life.
As the sun went down, the event spiced up. They gave out 50 iPad Minis for the lucky draws! That's on top of MacBook Pro, TV, and travel to Bali with all expenses paid.

Live Shows!
And guess who they hired for the live shows? Mark Lee, Chua En Lai, Jojo Joget, Wayang King, even Kumar!! for the full 2 hours! *speechless. How!!!

Fireworks for an awesome ending!
Just like things are not enough, they ended the thing with a fireworks. Imagine lying down and looking at fireworks just in front of you? Without the need to squeeze and get bumped all over? It just felt so exclusive.

Wait, do you think it's the end? Almost. Just that they're having the event twice. One more event like this next week. I seriously can't imagine how big their budget is.

I'm so willing to join Esso just for their events
I'm not surprised that my friend felt the sense of belonging there. I think the company did right in proving that they care about the employee and willing to spend some money every year for them. Kudos. I'm just speechless.

What a night,

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