Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Dinner at Boston Seafood Shack + Black Ball Signature

Friday is identic with long dinner, and we decided to explore the restaurants in the mall we passed through everyday – Star Vista. Most of the restaurants are food chains – Texas, Coco Ichibanya, Manhattan Fish, etc. We decided to go to the one we never tried before – Boston Seafood Shack.

Boston Seafood Shack - The Menu!
The restaurant serves seafood platter and anything seafood-y. It’s quite similar with Manhattan, even the price range. The place was spacious and the service was quite good. The food quality is comparable with Manhattan (if not better). I don't understand why it’s lack of popularity compared with its Manhattan’s rival.

His - Grill Wild King Snapper ($16) - The fish sauce is quite unique!
Mine - Crabmeat Porcini Cream Sauce ($12) - Love the cream! :p
Based on the orders from other diners, its signature seems to be the Boston Seafood Bucket ($17) and Caribbean Feast ($22), which are part of their Premium Batter Fish and Chips. We, being not-so-young anymore, decided to skip the fried stuff and went for dessert instead :p

Black ball dessert is located at the outer side of Star Vista. I think their business more or less affected by the haze. It’s normally impossible to find a seat there, but this time around we can find indoor seating within a min. We tried the black ball signature cool ($4.9). I love it :D There are actually various toppings to choose. As the first timer, we go for the standard toppings. I’m going to try the others next time!

Dessert - Black Ball Signature ($4.9) - I love all the stuff inside :D
After the dinner, we went home and watch movie at our own cinema – Ip Man the Final Fight & Hangover 3.

… and that’s for a 400 PSI Friday night.

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