Saturday, June 22, 2013

Handy’s Farewell @ Lake Shore BBQ

Handy; the Mr. Secretive; told us last week that he got a job in Indonesia and leaving Singapore soon. We asked when is he going back and he told us that it’s in 10 days! =_=’ That leaves us with only 1 weekend to plan for his farewell. Lucky for us, we managed to book a BBQ pit at Inche’s Condo for Saturday.

Blazers Family :)
After that conversation on Sunday, we were greeted by haze the following Monday, which didn’t subdue until Friday. We’re quite skeptical if we’ll still be able to continue with the BBQ as the PSI reached Hazardous level. We did a lot of alternative planning during the week, but then decided to accept the risk and see how is the weather on Saturday itself.

Miraculously, the sky brightened up on Saturday afternoon, and the PSI was ranging around two-digit number for the first time of the week! I seriously can’t believe our luck :D I reached Lake Shore at around 5pm, watch few matches of Singapore Open Semi Finals, and then went down to start the BBQ preparation at 5.45pm.

The last BBQ feels so long ago – I think it was during Rina’s farewell almost one year ago. We had our usual job distribution, with me as the amateur photographer and professional eater.

The food! I thought the portion is decent, but it ended up too much O.O 
Nice Traditional Cake - especially nice to eat while waiting for the BBQ to be ready

The Professional Fire Starter - Dhany & Tomy
The Kitchen Area - Tatsu Kun & Helios
The Quality Control - Fendi
The Professional Eaters :D
The Chef ^^
We had much fun eating and chatting. I don’t really know what I ate, but I was full so soon +_+ Time flies and I was really surprised when the security guard came and told us we have 15 mins to packed up. It’s almost 10pm! O.O Anyway, we packed up really quickly and managed to leave on time.

A bunch of grads trying to understand why we can't see sunset and sunrise from the same place =.=' 
The delicious dessert which was gone within 3 mins.
 Handy, my birthday buddy (read: the one whose b’day always celebrated along with mine), I wish you all the best for your new career! :)

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