Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday @ Adventure Cove Water park!

Thanks to Mr Helios, we got free ticket to adventure cove!! That’s $33 / person O.O All bow to the Mr Generous.

Adventure Cove, here we come!
Honestly, I didn’t even know that there is a place called Adventure Cove in Singapore ^^; It’s kind of lack in marketing in comparison with its counterpart, S.E.A Aquarium. Having said so, the queue at the attractions are crazy (60 mins on average), so maybe it’s just me who was about outdated ^^;

My free tix! Thanks so much Helios!!
We saw a glimpse of smoke in the morning and was kind of worried that the haze has returned. Thankfully, it was a false alarm – weather was sunny and nice throughout the day. None of us have waterproof camera, so there were no pictures, just a fond memories of the fun we have :D It would have been troublesome anyway to bring the camera around as most of the rides doesn’t allow us to bring anything.

At the main gate :D
Team trying to plan the execution for the day
And this is the sweet nice map of the park :D
Colourful (and clean) life jackets all around
We started the adventure with Rainbow Reef. It’s another snorkelling experience for me, minus the jellyfish. I thought I would have been much composed now that it’s at a control environment, well, apparently I was not. The pool looked small but it was really deep inside, with all the corals and thousand of fishes, very similar with deep-sea experience. I was floating around and lost my sense of direction really fast. After 10 mins, I tried to look up, but the whole surrounding is really blurry. Thanks to the guys who shouted at me, I follow the sound and manage to find the end point. I was apparently going at the wrong direction =_=’’ Nothing new.

The Rainbow Reef ^^
Next destination is Riptide Rocket ride. The waiting time was showing as 40mins. We almost decided to give up and come back another time. Well, I am really glad that we didn’t. It’s the most popular (and scariest) attraction at the park, and the queue was just getting longer  in the afternoon (with waiting time more than 60 mins). I was scared but at least I know that Winson was sitting in front of me, what the worst could happen? It’s 1min 20sec ride – we started sitting on the float and end the ride with float on top of my head. Not sure what happened in between.

After the extreme water roller-coaster, other rides felt quite mild. We had the Pipeline Plunge, Tidal Twister, and finished it off with Dueling Race before going for lunch. We’re starving when we reached the Bay Restaurant. The food was tasteless but I was too hungry to even bother about it. I ordered Fish and Chips for $13.5. The 100 Plus was a live saviour. Felt so alive afterwards.

One of the few places where you can see that swimsuit is the recommended Dress Code
Lunch was finished at around 3pm, and then we decided to take slower rides while digesting. We go for the Adventure River, where we just lying on the float and let it took us to the tour of the park, passing through the stingray pool, glass chamber of sea aquarium, and various theme rides. It was super relaxing and fun! Now I know how it felt like to be rich and lying on the float whole day (we need to go for a hunt of float before that). It’s one of my favorite rides :D

Since we already had the float, the next was Bluewater Bay, which is basically a giant wave pool. The wave was quite strong and went as long as 15 mins. Have much fun being floated around by the wave – feeling a bit dizzy afterwards but thankfully nothing permanent. It was around 4.30pm by the time we finished Bluewater Bay. We decided to take one more attraction – Whirlpool Washout (30 mins wait for a small ride!), and then walk around to ensure that we have covered the rest of the park.

Pics taken after all the fun :D
We stopped by at Splashworks, which are filled with fun challenges with friends. I tried walking pass a block, hanging through the rope, as well as jumping from the height of 3.5m. The last one was the scariest. It didn’t look at high from side, but perspective change when I was at the top. I know things will be alright as the pool was 4m deep, but I was still… scared =.=’’ I did the jump anyway. The free fall was really scary!! For a min I don’t know what happen when I hit the pool. Afterwards I managed to float and swim to the side. I did it!

A total sunny day throughout the day :D
After all the fun, we queued for half an hour for a shower. It was 6.30pm when we finished showered and took some pictures. We went to Two Chefs Eating Place for dinner (nyummy, thanks helios for the recommendation) and then have a sound sleep at home.

The Butter Pork Ribs! The taste of milk powder was really strong *.*
The signature Tofu Mushroom - Love it!
What an awesome watery day!

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