Friday, July 19, 2013

Feli's Graduation Ceremony @ SpiceOdyssey, At-Sunrice

When I accepted my cousin's invite to her graduation, I didn't know that I'm in for such an awesome treat :D She is graduating from at-Sunrice with Diploma in Pastry and Bakery. For their final graduation project, they worked in a team of 5 and given a specific theme to cook and present to guests (us!) to eat. For that night, there are 6 themes, and each theme have 5 dishes. Fine-dining caliber dishes, if I may add. If only every graduation is like this :p

at-sunrice Graduation Ceremony!
First time being to the place - looks really cool and elegant!
Found michelin-star-to-be having their dinner XD
I started my journey at Feli's "History and Commerce" Kingdom, and was wow-ed straightaway. The decoration and preparation were really first class. I was really amazed.

The whole room was being decorated to suit the theme
A super luxurious & elegant food presentation!
My cousin with her brother
The chef and her creation! The most exclusive Otah I ever eaten
After around 20 mins, we're being directed to the next kingdom - Health and Beauty. My eyes were again popped out by their decoration effort O.O

How did they decorate a small kitchen to a wonderland like this!
It's called Poached Oysters with Tom Yam Granita. Not sure what it means but it's tasty
This cute little thing was also really tasty! Indonesian's flavour
Next kingdom was about Survival & Preservation, so they decided to fix the theme on Office Survival. The presenters were all in suites and their food is all the typical office food. They even served Malibu liquors! *cough.

Welcome to office! They served food on CPUs. Lol
I think I got drunk because of too much dessert
My favourite! Simple yet delicious Wasabi Prawn Crunch!
By the time we have to move to 4th Kingdom, I was already half full. The kingdom is located at their library, and the theme is Aromatics! All of the kingdom served really nice welcome drinks - This one was a refreshing tomato juice - love max!

Welcome to the Aromatic Kingdom!
Guess what is this! Another expensive looking Otah! But I like my cousin's more :p
Pork Satay! Never seen it served in such a luxurious presentation. Not even in 5-star hotels *amazed
I felt a bit tired after standing for one hour long throughout the tour. Wish come true, we got to sit at the next kingdom - Spiritual! It even came with a guy teaching us how to do a breathing meditation. 

Cozy Spiritual Kingdom! I can sleep anytime
Out seat area. The black things are dates for appetizers!
The foamy thing is savoury! I forgot what it's but super special :D

The next and last kingdom is Craft, and they decided to make it Japanese theme! Smart :) They even go to the extend of showing us how to do tea ceremony and japanese drawing and calligraphy. Impressive, but I'm basically fixated with the food XD

Tea Ceremony Area :D
This is Yuzi's Macaron! I love the color, but I still don't really like Macaron in general
This is a super creative creation! The sauce mixed with the potato only when you hold it!
The whole places are so amazing, I didn't realise that it has been two hours and soon it was the end of the tour v_v. It might be for the best before my tummy exploded. I had so much fun! We're being asked to fill in some survey form along with grading for the students. Afterwards, the organisers bid goodbye to the guests while the grads went back to kitchen for a debrief.

Thanks chefs for all the delicious food! Love them!
I reached back home at around 9.30pm and can't sleep until 1am - I bet I had too much sugar in my blood =_= but it was really an experience! :D Thanks so much Feli for the invite!

Souvenirs from each Kingdom!
Wish Feli all the best for the future :)

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