Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Dinner @ Canton Paradise, Star Vista

We have been wanting to try it out for awhile, but the long queue always put us off. This time around, we had some craving for Chinese food, which give us the patience to wait in the queue.

Waiting with prepared order list.
We waited for around 20 mins before finally getting a table. Food was served real fast (in 5 mins) and the service was really good. Yet! The most important part - the food quality, was really decent. The real thing didn't look anything like the image in the picture ^^; I still prefer my usual Crystal Jade La Mien.

It's Signature Prawn Wantoon
My Century Egg Porridge - The rice was quite soft!
One of their signature dim sum... again I can't remember the name :p
We ate to the total of $24 - ok I guess, but I'm yet to find their signature dish which would make me come back for more :p

Till the next craving then,

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