Monday, July 01, 2013

Monday Dinner @ Saizeriya, Cathay

I didn't know that this restaurant exist until Ari recommended to go there this week. Saizeriya is Japanese Italian restaurant, offering nice food on very reasonable price :D :D Something like Aston but with more varieties for less price. I can see myself going back there few more times before the end of the year.

Saizeriya - Grand Menu!
They have few outlets, and we went to the one at Cathay. I swear the restaurant didn't exist last year (that shows how long I haven't been hanging out at Cathay :s) I think they replaced the Indonesian restaurant which used to be there before.

You can go to their website for their menu, below is what I ordered - 5 stuffs for 2 people + free flow of drinks. And the drinks options are A LOT - Milo, Sejora, Lime, Lemon Tea, soft drinks, various tea + coffee. All for less than $40. There is also no service charge and GST *clap clap.

Salami Pizza - $7.9
Smoked Salmon - $3.9
Oven Grilled Escargot - Most Popular (and really delicious) - $5.9
Ari's Main - Cheese Chicken Steak - $6.9
My Main - Chicken Doria - $4.9
Totally enjoyed the dinner and environment :) would definitely recommend it for group hang-out :p

And oh! Greeted by Biggie Minions at the exit XD
Thanks for the treat!

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