Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Lunch @ Pagi Sore, 100AM

I woke up really late today. We went searching for lunch at 3pm and bumped to Pagi Sore @ 100AM. The restaurant looks similar to Ayam Penyet Restaurant, but with 5-star hotel's price. We went in anyway since we're starving and not sure where else to go.

Just a glance and I know that our lunch is gonna be on a higher end
Free flow of rice for $1.5! I had 3 packs ^^;
Ayam Panggang Bali - $14.8
Rendang Sapi - $12.8
Tahu Telor - $10.8
Total bill goes to $48. The food was really good, but I should just order two items instead of three T_T Too full after lunch and feel sleepy the whole day XD

Too much of good food,

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