Saturday, July 06, 2013

Saturday Lunch @ Suan Thai Buffet!

I have been eyeing at this particular StreetDeal since last year! Due to new year resolution and challenges in convincing my friends to go buffet, I had to patiently wait... until someone else asked and I happily say yes!
Suan Thai - more like 7 mins away from MRT rather than it's claim as "3 mins walk from Somerset"
The buffet price is 24.90++, but we get it from streatdeal for 19.90++. Add up with free flow of lemon tea, in the end we pay $22.4 net for the buffet.

The Menu!
The menu is being divided to two - one for one time order (highlighted in black), another one for free flow order. The quality of the food served was quite good - garoupa, king prawn, kai lan, I can imagine ordering the same thing for the ala-carte. The service is also good - food was served really promptly and the waiters weren't stingy with the food (keep asking if we need refill)

Deep Fried Garoupa x 2 for the 5 of us!
The different dishes! The satay is nyumilicious!
... and more!
I was really full within an hour and went for the dessert - loved the steamed tapioca with coconut milk (but forgot to take the pic).

Thinking about it now, maybe it's not so bad to wait for a year - I heard that the reservation was really hard to get previously and the food was served slow. Now they have improved and we can enjoyed the food happily without those service issues.

Thanks Tom, Fen, Che, Son for the company! Till the next buffet!