Sunday, August 18, 2013

Addicted to Plant vs Zombie 2

Exactly 3 years ago, I was addicted to Plant vs Zombie. Now, I'm addicted to Plant vs Zombie 2. History repeats itself. Despite trying to my best to stop, I find myself glue to my iPhone screen from morning to night. What a way to enjoy my weekend T_T

Plant vs Zombie 2 - After 2 days of zombie's killing
Compared with its original game, the sequel has much more game variations and harder to complete. The sequel is much richer in graphic colors, but for some reason I still prefer the earlier ones. They were so cute. Now they looked too real.

I didn't foresee myself giving up zombie fighting soon, but hopefully I can learn some self resistance. Otherwise, my blog will be dormant for the next two months.

Till then!