Friday, August 30, 2013

Dinner @ PappaRich, Star Vista

My next few posts will be all about food! O.O Again I never realized how much I ate until I actually browsed through. And I still wondered why my tummy started to came out.

PappaRich @ StarVista
Still on the mission to try out all the restaurant in Star Vista, this time we walked all the way to the end of Star Vista to try out PappaRich. Despite the weird name (for me), it serves a nice Malay food :D I can smell the curry when I went in to the restaurant. The pics in the menu looks really good. The actual food was decent, but the taste was nyummy!

My Fried Rice for $10.90
Winson's Signature Dish for $14 (? can't really remember the price)
We also had the Ice Red Bean ($4.9), which was really good - worth the price! I will go back there for sure incase I have some Malay food cravings :)

To the next restaurant!

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